Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Vegetable Garden

FOOD CROPS. Gardening. Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Vegetable Garden by Susie Writes is Goodreads for Learning to Doing !

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Susie Writes .

7 thoughts on “Beginner’s Guide to Planning a Vegetable Garden

  1. Thank you Hoang Kim for your attention. I appreciate your desire to provide information for your readers and am happy you chose my article. However, I would like it linked and attributed properly. In order to do this, please put a link to my article, as you have done in your comment section, into to the body of your own article or blog post rather than copy my article to your page. In example, you might write a few words on the importance of planning a garden and then insert “for more information on how to plan your garden, check out this article at ” The link is great – copying the article and pasting to your site is not. Thanks again for addressing this and your interest in my articles. I will look for your correction. Best…

  2. You have not corrected your blog to remove my writing and use ONLY a link to my article. I have tried to explain in a nice way but still you keep my entire article copied to your page. I will file a DMCA complaint about your page and have it removed from the internet if you do not remove my article from your site immediately. Once again, you may post ONLY a link, not my entire article.

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