Gardening Daily Tips July 31

Sunday July 31, 2011

Rose (Rosa x)

Today’s Featured Plant
Rose (Rosa x)

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Q&A: How to grow Mango from pit

Question: What is the proper way to grow mango from pit?

Answer: Growing mangos from seed is actually quite easy. Eat a nice mango, remove as much flesh from the seed as possible and then let it dry for a day or two. Very carefully remove the hairy covering. Plant on it’s edge with the hump side up with 1/4 of the seed exposed. Keep damp and as close to 80ºF as possible for better germination. Then it should germinate within a week.

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Q&A: Harvesting when Plants are Wet

Question: I’ve heard that harvesting crops such as beans when the plants are wet causes disease problems. Is this true?

Answer: Harvesting when foliage is wet does not cause disease in and of itself. But it is a good idea to avoid working in the garden when plants are wet because your activity can transfer disease spores among plants. Most plant diseases require wet leaf surfaces for infection to take place.

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Q&A: Residual Pesticides Harmful To Beneficial Insects?

Question: Last year I sprayed my garden with insecticides to rid it of a very bad white fly infestation. This year I would like to tackle the problem with beneficial insects. Will the pesticides I used last year harm the good insects I bring into my garden this year?

Answer: It can be quite rewarding to see ladybeetles, praying mantis, and lacewings in the garden, munching on pest insects. If there is pesticide residue it could be a problem. But over time, if you refrain from spraying insecticides, the beneficial insects will arrive on their own to consume the pests. Whiteflies can be tackled with strong blasts of water from the hose on a daily basis, or with a soapy water spray, which is less toxic to other insects. Also, be aware that there must be pests for the beneficials to consume when you release them, or they will go elsewhere, which is sometimes disappointing to gardeners.

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Tip: Protect Grapes from Birds and Wasps

Enclose whole grape clusters in paper bags for protection from birds and wasps. Excluding light will not affect the ripening or sweetening of the grapes. Or, slip eight-inch sections of old pantyhose over grape clusters, tying the top and bottom with twist-ties or string in a bow. They keep out assorted insects and birds, but are easy to remove for harvesting and can be reused each year.

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Tip: Stop Pruning Roses

Stop pruning and leave spent flowers on roses to allow the fruits (‘hips’) to develop, which signals to the plant that it’s time to start the process of entering dormancy.

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