Food Crops News 002

World food prices rise further, raising fears of unrest
World food prices could fall in the second half of this year with new crops
easing market tension and driving full-year average prices below the record
levels of 2011, he said. The FAO raised its forecast for keenly-watched
world cereal carryover …
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X-Ray Technology Harnessed to Grow More Nutritious Crops                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
By Aimable Twahirwa, 5 April 2012 Kigali — Agricultural researchers in
Rwanda have adapted a technology widely used in the mining sector to
analyse the mineral content of food crops such as beans and maize, with a
view to developing more nutritious …
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Less than One Month to Comment on Corn Resistant to Agent Orange Herbicide 2,4-D
Huffington Post
After receiving pressure from organizations like the Center for Food Safety
(CFS), the USDA extended its public comment period until April 27 — less
than one month from today. There is overwhelming public opposition to this
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New Crop Excels in Drought-Prone Areas
Laboratory Equipment
Researchers, including plant researchers from the Univ. of Copenhagen, have
developed a new type of the corn-like crop sorghum, which may become very
significant for food supplies in drought-prone areas. Unlike the
conventional drought-resistant …
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Alanna Clempson: Building a community around food
Chilliwack Progress
“It draws so much interest.” She and her family dug up the lawn
surrounding their Fairfield Island home to plant healthy food crops out
front. It’s part conversation starter, part teaching opportunity — and
all about food security.
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Rising Global Food Prices Cause Worry
Food and Drink Digital
The causes of this price increase has been linked to rising oil and energy
costs as well as decreasing crop production due to weather and demand
changes. “The food price index has an extremely high correlation to oil
prices and with oil prices up it’s …

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<>Bill would require labels on genetically engineered food
Twin Cities Planet
Genetically modified foods are foods that contain genetically modified
organisms (GMOs). These organisms are also referred to as “genetically
engineered” because their DNA has been altered by scientific techniques.
Genetically modified crops can have …
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<>AgraQuest Expands Valuable Soil Disease Control Tool Into New Markets
MarketWatch (press release)
“We’re excited by the expansion of SERENADE SOIL into new crops,” said
Sarah Reiter, AgraQuest’s VP of Marketing – Agrochemicals & Food Value
Chain. “Growers of leafy vegetables, brassicas and bulb crops will now have
access to the soil disease and …
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<>Food inflation back on agenda as prices rise
The FAO also confirmed its earlier forecast for world wheat output to fall
1.4 percent from last year’s record crop to 690 million tonnes in 2012.
High oil prices have fanned inflationary concerns since the start of this
year. Consumer prices in the 17 …
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