Food Crops News 006

Canadian Activism Not Monsanto’s Only Problem: Global Uprising Against the ...
Pacific Free Press
A farmer organization in India alleges that global seeds major Monsanto was
secretly running a signature campaign in rural Gujarat, asking farmers to
sign a letter to Prime Minister favouring introduction of GM food crops.
They allege Monsanto hired …
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Connecticut may become the first state to label genetically altered foods.
The Hour
… to pass legislation that would require all food manufacturers to label
foods that contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). GMOs are
genetically engineered in labs and injected into crops to resist herbicides
or produce their own pesticides.
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Indian crop yields less than global average
Economic Times
NEW DELHI: Though India has registered a record wheat and rice output,
yields of major crops are much lower when compared with the production
developed countries. According to the latest report of UN’s food and
agriculture body FAO, India lags behind …
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Avondale farmer in national movement to preserve seed stock
Pueblo Chieftain
For Hobbs, 43, who has farmed on 30 acres at Avondale since 2000, there is
no direct threat to the types of food he grows, both as cash crops and for
seed: garlic, squash, beans and vegetables. In all, he and partner Jamie
Dunston raise seed for eight …
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Growing fruits, vegetables can lower grocery bill
Columbus Dispatch
“But this potential depends on the costs involved in growing the crops,
types and amounts of vegetables grown, and yields.” Food gardeners spend
an average of $70 a year on supplies to grow about $600 worth of produce,
according to a study by the …
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Food Task Force to present ideas for healthy living in Richmond
Richmond Times Dispatch
“I personally believe food needs to be at the forefront in making the city
a healthier place to live,” Darby said. Creating a food hub — a location
where farmers can take their crops for wholesale — was also high on the
list of some task force members.
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API offers analysis of domestic, int’l commodity-specific policies: APD chief
Business Recorder (blog)
In 2002, the government decided that the support price regime will only be
for wheat, because it is a staple food and the country has to be
food-secure. For the rest of the crops, like sugarcane, rice and cotton,
government would only set an indicative …
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GM food crops
GM food crops — Presentation Transcript. Genetically Modified Food; What
is a GM food crop?• Genetically-modified (GM) food is produced from
plants or …


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