Food Crops News 001

Growing Food Demand Strains Energy, Water Supplies
National Geographic
But for the past three decades, many crop and dairy farms have remained
green—even during the dry season. That’s because farmers have invested in
wells and pumps, using massive amounts of electricity to extract water from
deep aquifers.
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State Bank focuses on food security
The News International
“Pakistan is still facing food security challenges due to population
growth, substitution of food crop lands with bio-fuel crops and
inefficiencies in irrigation,” the SBP said. Research and effective
policies regarding agricultural resources, …
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What Can We Do Now?: Celebrate spring
Freeport Journal-Standard
Using soil, water, air, and sunshine, plants grow and animal life continues
its life cycle dependent on the food that plants provide. Earth appears to
be in control bringing new meaning to a saying attributed to Chief Seattle:
“This we know: The earth …
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‘Caterpillars Not a Threat to Food’
Bucyanayandi said the caterpillars feed on leaves of perennial food crops
such as bananas, coffee, cassava but the leaves will regenerate. Briefing
journalists in Kampala on the outbreak of the pests, he added: “The whole
country is not affected.
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Drought – Policy Failure Worsens Situation
Communal farmers in the Nyamuzuwe, Kawazva and Charehwa areas area have
given up on their crop. Estimates show that at least half a million
Zimbabweans would require food aid but the number could be higher as the
cost of the drought is still being …
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Monsanto threatens the sue the entire state of Vermont
Lawmakers in Vermont are looking to regulate food labels so customers can
know which products are made from genetically modified crops, but
agricultural giants Monsanto say they will sue if the state follows
through. If the bill in question, …
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USDA science for farmers and ranchers
Thanks to this research, we can bypass generations of selective breeding to
make livestock and crop production more efficient and bring more abundant,
nutritious food to the American table. We have also worked to protect
staple crops from disease and …
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Food independence through modern homesteading in NJ
(Photo courtesy of Sarah Kirby) I wanted to practice skills like growing
our own food, canning, and bee keeping to make honey. Skills that are
slowly being forgotten as time goes by. Sarah Kirby, pictured, holds up one
of the chickens on her farm.
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Alabama chefs lend their culinary skills to second Atlanta Food & Wine …
The Birmingham News –
By Bob Carlton — The Birmingham News The second Atlanta Food & Wine
Festival will include tasting tents that take guests on a culinary tour of
the South. (Photo courtesy of Atlanta Food & Wine Festival) BIRMINGHAM,
Alabama — The Atlanta Food & Wine …
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Root Vegetables and cooked food crops – 30 Bananas a Day!
I have a new garden this year and I’m not sure what to do Raw-wise with
some of the things I will be harvesting. Kolrabi, spaghetti squash, reg.
squash, swee…


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