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Indoor Garden  one of  the best online gardening videos

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Budget indoor garden 2009. Already harvesting lettuce and put it all together for well under $100 using resources on the net. Fun and easy to do. No pests and you can watch these things grow right in front of your eyes. I’m no expert and am learning as I go. Hope this inspires you to get growing indoors!

Gardening Daily Tips by ArcaMax

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis)

Plant type: Perennial

USDA Hardiness Zones: 2b to 7b

Height: 6″ to 8″


Exposure: shade to partial shade partial sun

Bloom Color: White

Bloom Time: Late spring, Mid spring

Leaf Color: Green

Growth Rate: fast

Moisture: moist

Soil Condition: Adaptable, Clay, Loamy, Neutral, Sandy, Well drained

Form: Spreading or horizontal

Landscape Uses:

Border, Container, Erosion control, Ground cover, Massing, Specimen, Woodland garden

Special Features:

Not North American native, Naturalizing, All or parts of this plant are poisonous, Suitable for cut flowers, Fragrant flowers

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Q&A: Shade Garden in Miami

Question: I have a small shaded garden in my backyard, and I need plants that will grow well in the shade in Miami Florida. Any recomendations?

Answer: There are many flowers that bloom in a fairly bright shade location. Some of your options are: Impatiens, Begonia, Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis), Oxalis, Mexican Petunia (Ruellia), Pansy, Texas Gold Columbine, Cyclamen, Flowering Tobacco (Nicotiana), Hosta, Tradescantia, Violet, Chinese Ground Orchid (Bletilla striata), and Wishbone Flower (Torenia fournieri). If your shade is dense these flowers may not do well. It may be a good idea to have some trees trimmed a little to brighten up the shade. Thanks for the question

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Q&A: Root Bound Annuals

Question: What is the best way to treat the root system of root-bound annuals before planting?

Answer: In some cases, severely root bound plants have already become so stressed that they will not thrive no matter what you do. But in general, moderately root bound transplants do just fine. In fact, a strong root system will make a strong plant. The best thing to do is to try to loosen the roots somewhat so that they are directed outward, and loosen the soil around the planting hole so that the roots can move into it easily. You might also pay special attention to those plants at watering time since they will have suffered some root damage in the process. Finally, they will establish fastest in moist but well drained soil with a high level of organic matter and adequate fertility.

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Q&A: Birds Eating Seedlings

Question: I have tried several years running to plant sunflowers from seeds, however, the birds eat the seeds and young sprouts. Is there something I can do to deter the birds from eating my precious seeds?

Answer: Unfortunately, sunflower seeds are a favorite of most birds. You can try erecting bird netting over newly seeded areas, making sure it’s high enough to allow growth and not let the birds poke through it. When the plants are a few inches tall, they should be safe from birds. Good luck!

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Tip: Keep You Camera Handy

Taking photos of our gardens is both a fun pastime and a big help in planning for any changes in the garden. Unfortunately, spring seems to go by at a breakneck pace, and what was beautifully in bloom one day is often gone before you have time to take photos (let alone enjoy it). So, make sure you have your camera readily available, perhaps sitting near the door you most often use to go into the garden, and, if needed, get a new memory card. The best light for photography is early morning and at dusk. Try to avoid taking photos on a bright, sunny afternoon, when you’ll get harsh shadows in your photos.

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Tip: Prune Witch Hazels

Prune witch hazels once they’re through blooming. Remove a few interior branches and long, nonflowering shoots to encourage more flowering next year and keep plant in bounds.

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Vietnam Travel

Hello Việt Nam – Phạm Quỳnh Anh (HD).flv

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Tác giả : Marc Lavoine (sinh ngày 6/8/1962 tại Longjumeau, Essonne ,Pháp).
Trình bài : Phạm Quỳnh Anh (sinh năm 1987 tại Bỉ )

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