Gardening Daily Tips 124

The Sweet Truth about Sweet Potato Production in Louisiana   one of  the best online gardening videosfor learning by doing

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How do sweet potatoes get from the field to your table? This video explains the incredible and intensive process of producing sweet potatoes. It’s an amazing process! Here’s your chance to learn the “Sweet Truth” about sweet potato production in Louisiana.

 Gardening Daily Tips by ArcaMax

Pansy (Viola x wittrockiana)

Plant type: Biennual, Perennial

USDA Hardiness Zones: UKN

Height: 6″ to 12″

Spread: 0″

Exposure: full sun

Bloom Color: Blue, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow

Bloom Time: Early fall, Early spring, Early winter, Late fall, Late spring, Mid fall, Mid spring

Leaf Color: Green

Growth Rate: average

Moisture: moist

Soil Condition: Loamy, Neutral, Sandy, Well drained

Form: Irregular or sprawling

Landscape Uses:

Border, Container, Ground cover, Massing, Specimen

Special Features:

Suitable for cut flowers

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Q&A: Patching Bare Spots

Question: Is it time to start patching bare spots now with new seed?

Answer: Now is a good time. Dig the soil a little bit and add some compost, then level the soil and sow your seeds. They should pop up in 7-14 days if kept moist. Best wishes with your lawn!

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Q&A: Zinnia Transplanting

Question: I am growing zinnias from seed in cell packs and they are about 2-3 inches tall. Should I transplant them into larger containers until I can set them outside?

Answer: Your zinnias can’t be planted outside until after the danger of frost is past, so you will probably need to move them into larger containers, possible individual 2-inch pots. Move them up a size when the roots have filled the soil mix and before they become pot-bound.

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Q&A: Row Covers vs. Landscape Fabric

Question: What is the difference between row covers and landscape fabrics?

Answer: Row covers are intened to be used over plants to protect them from cold or to exclude pests. There are different weights of fabric depending on the need — heavy fabrics offer the best protection from the cold, while light ones are best for insect control so the plants don’t heat up too much underneath. Landscape fabric is intended to be used on the soil surface to block weeds. Although I suppose that, in a pinch, you could swap uses, it’s probably best to purchase the correct material in the first place. For example, black landscape fabric used as a row cover might cause the plants underneath to overheat.

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Tip: Get a Kitchen Compost Bucket

Although a kitchen compost bucket is useful year-round, with the spring appearance of garden-fresh vegetables and fruits, it’s usefulness become paramount. Unless, of course, you don’t mind fruit flies zipping about your kitchen. Commercially available kitchen compost buckets have tight-fitting lids and activated carbon filters that trap food odors. They are variously made of plastic, stainless steel and glazed clay. Most are attractive enough to have sitting near the kitchen sink.

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Tip: Plant a Shade Garden

Instead of struggling to grow grass in shady spots, create a shade garden filled with hostas, bleeding hearts, astilbe, and other shade-loving plants.

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Vietnam Travel

Hue, Vietnam Travel Video Guide

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Hue was the ancient imperial city of the Nguyen Dynasty. I visit the Citadel which once contained the forbidden city, and take a dragon boat tour along the Perfume River to view the Thien Mu Pagoda and the Tombs of the Emperors. I meet up with Nhi, a commerce student who takes me to Thanh Toan Bridge where we meet a fortune teller. Nhi discu
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