Gardening Daily Tips 126

Viburnum, Sargent (Viburnum sargentii)

Plant type: Shrub

USDA Hardiness Zones: 3b to 7b

Height: 120″ to 179″

Spread: 120″ to 179″

Exposure: partial shade partial sun to full sun

Bloom Color: White

Bloom Time: Early spring, Late spring, Mid spring

Leaf Color: Green

Growth Rate: average

Moisture: moist

Soil Condition: Acidic, Clay, Loamy, Neutral, Sandy, Slightly alkaline, Well drained

Form: Rounded, Upright or erect

Landscape Uses:

Screen, Specimen

Special Features:

Attractive foliage, Not North American native, Attractive flowers or blooms

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Q&A: Lady Palm

Question: I’m planting 2 Lady Palms. The containers are full of stems and roots. Do I break them up before planting or plant them whole?

Answer: Palms have fibrous root systems and it will be difficult to separate the roots of your palms. Just plant them as is without trying to untangle the root mass. Dig holes as deep but a little wider than the nursery containers and set the plants in, backfilling with soil you took out of the planting holes. Water the palms thoroughly after planting to help settle the soil and be sure to water twice a week until they become established. Best wishes with your new palms.

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Q&A: Wireworm Control

Question: What is the best way to rid the soil of wireworms? They destroyed half a row of bean plants, and I’ve given up growing potatoes because of them.

Answer: Wireworms are the larvae of the click beetle and are often a pest of potatoes, beets, and beans. You should plant your potatoes in a different garden spot this year. To help control the problem, cultivate the soil frequently to expose and kill the wireworms. Try planting a cover crop of clover in the garden area — it repels wireworms. If all fails, don’t plant potatoes, beets, beans, or carrots for a few years, until the population of click beetles dwindles.

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Q&A: Green Growth on Soil

Question: What is the green stuff growing on the top of the soil in some my pots of seedlings? It can be scraped off and it hasn’t gone any further over the top.

Answer: It’s probably a moss or algae. Which ever it is, it is not a plant disease, but rather a sign that you are keeping the soil too wet. Back off the watering a bit, allowing the plants to dry out some between waterings. This will cut down on the unsightly green stuff.

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Tip: Prune Roses

When pruning roses in the spring, remove damaged or dead canes, as well as any suckers or shoots that arise from the rootstock (this is not an issue with own-root roses). When pruning roses, be sure to cut back to an outward-facing bud so that new growth spreads away from the center of the plant, ensuring good air circulation and fewer disease problems. Fertilize roses now and apply a fresh organic mulch. For an extra boost, sprinkle one-quarter cup of Epsom salts around each rose and water in.

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Tip: Aerate Lawns

Core-aerate compacted lawns to help nutrients, water, and air to penetrate and nourish grass roots. For best results use a core-aerator that pulls out plugs of soil and deposits them on the surface.

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Vietnam Travel

Nha Trang, Vietnam Travel Video Guide

Uploaded by on You Tube

In Nha Trang I do a story on the positive impact tourists can have on local people. Mai Loc was a cyclo driver, a chance meeting with a Norwegian couple and their gift to Loc, of a small camera, lead to him changing careers and realising his talent as a photographer. Self taught, Loc’s photos have been exhibited around the world.
I also visit Monkey Island where monkeys have been taught to ride bikes, Po Nagar Temple, and the local market, where I find everyone has a speciality.
More info on Mai Loc
Music – *Discovery Sound loops
*Le Tuan Hung and Dang Kim Hien


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