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Uganda to market first GM crop in 2014
East African
Yona Baguma, a senior research officer at NARO says ongoing trials on
bananas, cassava, maize, cotton and potatoes are promising and once
licensed GM crops have the potential to give Ugandans food security while
widening the export base.
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Corn prices have a ripple effect on agriculture sector
Columbia Daily Tribune
The result is likely to be the largest corn crop ever, with big
implications not just for the corn market but for the entire agricultural
sector. High corn prices are providing a strong signal to farmers to
increase corn production.
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It is laudable that a substantial segment of people in the lower rungs of
the society continue to be the mainstay in the creation food crops, in the
face of several hurdles along the phase of farming activity. However such
painstaking achievements are …
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On the Welsh food trail with foodie Giles Coren
WalesOnline (blog)
When farmers lived and worked day in, day out with their crops and their
animals, they were able to read the conditions, and produced the sort of
wholesome, healthy food that Wales was built on. In new BBC series Our
Food, food critic, presenter and …
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Spring brings a new start for Ambler Farm
Wilton Bulletin
It’s important to remember, he said, “a lot of the food we eat is grown
to survive the winter.” Today’s consumer expects warm-weather fruits and
vegetables year-round, but before there were crops with long shelf lives
and air cargo, “you had to have …
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OG13: Genetic manipulation of food crops
The Beat The GMAT Forum – Expert GMAT Help & MBA Admissions Advice : OG13:
Genetic manipulation of food crops.

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Grow Your Own Food – Edible Native Plants for New England
If you’ve joined the grow-your-own movement and would like to include some
native New England food plants into your landscape, here are some
suggestions …


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