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Spreading Fungal Diseases Threaten Food Security, Biodiversity
Medical News Today
The spread of existing and emerging fungal diseases in plants and animals
poses a threat to global food security and biodiversity, according to a new
study whose authors suggest halting fungal rot in the most important crops
could feed an extra 600 …
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Canada and the Enviropig
Health Canada surveys reveal most Canadians are “deeply suspicious of
biotech and genetically modified food,” according to CTV. Currently,
according to the USDA, the top genetically engineered crops in the United
States are corn, soybeans and cotton.
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Olympia High School students participate in Grow Your Own project
Pekin Daily Times
Senior Shelby Crump, who has been working on Olympia’s Grow Your Own
Project since October 2011, says that growing and harvesting the crops for
her fellow students’ consumption does make her a bit more aware of food
production on the whole.
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MSU pitches urban farm plan in Detroit
The Detroit News
The idea could make Detroit into a global model for growing food and energy
crops in once unthinkable urban settings — inside desolate buildings, on
contaminated soil and between concrete slabs of shopping center lots. The
technology MSU researchers …
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Mott Community College, University of Michigan – Flint host Earth Matters …
The Flint Journal –
The pollinators – bees – are important agriculturally because they
pollinate not only native flowers, but crops as well. “Native plants
support the pollinators when food crops aren’t in supply.” Gale-Gonzalez
said. “We need a balance of not just food …
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Microbe like Prozac for plants
Charlotte Observer
I have a lifelong interest in understanding how (microbes, plants and
other) living things work, and using that to develop innovations that
address areas of need, such as energy and food security.” The bottles of
amber liquid perched on the bench in …
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Sustainability is elusive in food chain
Minneapolis Star Tribune
From mad cow, E. coli and salmonella to soil erosion, manure runoff and
pink slime, factory farming epitomizes a broken food system. There have
been various responses to these horrors, including some recent attempts to
improve the industrial system, …
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Around York area, CSAs offer fresh produce, tie to farmers
York Daily Record
“Because I work for myself, I had the freedom to work for food,” she said.
“It’s not as expensive as people think when you do a full- or partial-work
share.” She started off doing some of the mowing and picking bugs off
plants the first year.
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Fruits and Vegetables Are Getting Less Nutritious
Recent research on fruits, vegetables and staple crops such as wheat and
corn shows that, over time, our food has gotten less and less nutritious.
The vitamin and mineral content in our foods has been steadily declining
over several decades.
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CRDB urges government to let farmers export food crops
Dar es Salaam. The CRDB Bank has advised the government to allow farmers to
export surplus produce to enable them to service loans they obtained fro

Tackle Fungal Forces to Save Crops, Forests and Endangered …
“More than 600 million people could be fed each year by halting the spread
of fungal diseases in the world’s five most important crops, according to
research …

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is hitting … <>

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