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GM crops inevitable: Farmers
Weekly Times Now
GM crops in South Australia are inevitable because of the need to produce
enough food for nine billion people in 40 years, farmers say. South
Australian Farmers Federation president Peter White said yesterday the only
issue with GM technology in SA was …
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Xenophon out to contain GM foods
The feral senator is urging the state government in his home state of South
Australia to maintain its GM ban on canola and other crops to protect SA’s
reputation, environment and public health. “GM foods are not fully or
adequately labelled so shoppers …
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Keep ban on GM crops: Xenophon
Consumers are at risk until all genetically modified (GM) ingredients are
listed on every food label, independent Senator Nick Xenophon says. The
South Australian senator is urging the state government to maintain its GM
ban on canola and other crops …
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Elephants Now Think Twice About Midnight Snacks in Tanzania
Wall Street Journal
Birds and insects cause crop damage, too. But they don’t consume 660 pounds
of food in 18 hours, as big elephants tend to do. Herds of 15 to 20 can
quickly wipe out an entire field and obliterate all the work of a
subsistence farmer.
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Root crops, legumes — good fiber sources
Journal Online
According to the study done at the Food and Nutrition Research Institute,
Department of Science and Technology (FNRI-DOST), the dietary fiber content
of root crops range at 4.6-13.5g/100g while legumes range at
20.9-46.9g/100g. How do root crops and …
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Organic farmers hope label laws will distinguish their food from genetically …
… that would require labeling of genetically modified food, partly to
establish a bright line between their products and those of big growers.
“The consumer for the most part doesn’t even know what genetically
engineered crops are,” said Ray McEnroe, …
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Salk Scientists Discover How Plants Grow to Escape Shade
Newswise (press release)
“Now that we know PIF7 is the relay, we have a new tool to develop crops
that optimize field space and thus produce more food or feedstock for
biofuels and biorenewable chemicals.” Plants gather intelligence about
their light situation —- including …
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Local group donates food grown in unique structure to Project MANA
Tahoe Daily Tribune
By Jenell Schwab Bill Kelly of Kelly Brothers Painting, Stephanie Bloom of
Project MANA and food advocate Susie Sutphin enjoy the fruits (or in this
case veggies) of their labor Tuesday at the grow dome near Glenshire. Kelly
hopes the greenhouse will …
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Farmers hope drive to label genetically altered food boosts sale of organic …
Washington Post (blog)
Robert Burns, an organic farmer in eastern Connecticut, is candid in
describing his business interest in state legislation requiring that
genetically modified food be labeled. “If you’re an organic producer now,
you should get ready for an increase in …
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Grains Week Ahead-Rains favor bears as wheat flourishes
Chicago Tribune
But any turn in the weather, especially during July when the corn crop
pollinates and yields are determined, could rally prices and stoke food
inflation, especially if China, the world’s second largest consumer of the
grain, imports heavily.
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The Folly of creating Ethanol from Food Crops – home
The Folly of creating Ethanol from Food Crops. Category: Uncategorized |
Author: Queen James Date: 2012/04/14. Many worldwide plane tickets coming
in …<>

Agribusiness And Finance Sector Push Global Land Grabbing …
This data published by NGO Grain of Spain refers to land grabs for food
crops, but does not include most crops which are used for the production of
biofuels …<>

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